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The University of Hong Kong
Asia’s Global University

The University of Hong Kong, as an English-medium, research-led, comprehensive university, provides world-class campus-based education in a wide range of academic disciplines to outstanding students. The University is situated in a geographically and culturally unique part of China and has historically sat at the gateway between East and West, pursuing teaching and research which enhances the understanding of Asia in a comparative way.

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Hong Kong Has It All

Hong Kong is the beating heart of Asia and on mainland China’s doorsteps. It is a city that combines the best of old and new, East and West, whilst leading our ever global and interconnected world. A unique and vibrant metropolis combining business and culture, it is no surprise that Hong Kong is one of the world’s foremost destinations for higher education.

  • Asia as the Global Future
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  • Jobs & Career Development
  • Gateway to China
  • Safe and Secure
  • Captivating Culture

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