Application Quick FAQs

Q1: Will programmes be affected due to the epidemic and is there a refund/cancellation policy? 

In view of the current coronavirus situation and as there are still uncertainties, kindly be informed that we will issue offers after our application deadline of March 31, 2020. 

We understand your concerns on various summer arrangements, and we shall keep you posted if there are any updates or necessary information regarding programme guidelines, programme cancellation policy, refund policy (if any). Rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and shall share information via email before we start to issue offers from April 1, 2020.

Q2: What if I am not able to get my academic transcript before I submit my application?

If you aren’t able to get your transcript before you submit your application, you may upload your most recent transcript, i.e. transcript from last academic year or last semester. Your application will be considered equally according to your academic results from the most updated report.

Q3: How should I fill up the scores under the section of “Academic Qualification” in secondary school applications?

Applicants should accurately complete this section with scores/grades that match the uploaded transcript. For example, if your English grade is 5 in your transcript, please make sure you select “Grade” in the box next to “English score*”, and then input “5” in the box next to “Grade”. Same conditions apply if you select “Scores”. If you do not have relevant score/grade in your transcript, please select N/A.

Here are some examples:

Chinese Score* → Score → 80

English Score* → Grade → 6

Mathematics Score* → Grade → B

Q4: I am not able to obtain school recommendation letter for Medical Summer Broadening Programme /Teenage Orthopod Scheme , what should I do ?

1- In the application system which it will ask you to upload the school recommendation letter, please upload a letter informing us that the recommendation letter will be sent separately due to the suspension of schools.

2- While schools are suspended, some schools remain open and teachers are still working, we recommend you to communicate with your school at your earliest convenience. In any case, when the school resumes, please ask the school to write a recommendation letter to you with your HKU Summer institute reference number so that we can attach it to your application for vetting purposes. School can send it to .

For other questions, you can refer to