Funding Available: The Ancient Path to Wisdom – Silk Road

For Secondary School Students, Undergraduates and Postgraduates

Announcement: The HKUSI is proud to announce the programme is funded by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation. Eligible students can participate in the programme for HKD11,300 (after deducting the funding). Please scroll down for details. 

Follow the footsteps of one of China’s most famous international exchange students and explore the Ancient Path to Wisdom!

Being China’s earliest “belt and road”, the Silk Road not only facilitated the economic and cultural exchange but is also an ancient hub of globalization connecting the East and the West. What’s more fascinating than spending your summer along the Silk Road and get inspired by the great historical figure?

Xuanzang is probably one of the most famous exchange students and scholars in the 1000 years history of the Silk Road by his devotion in research and translation in Buddhist manuscripts. His 17-year legendary adventure from China to India has inspired one of greatest Chinese epic – Journey to the West and he has even fictionally become the master of Monkey King!

This summer, HKUSI is proud to launch an in-depth cultural exploration programme to the Silk Road led by award-winning programme director, Mr. Hayson Liu (廖舜禧老師). From the ancient capital Xian, passing through the Jade Gate, to Crescent Lake in Dunhuang, you will explore the many cultures on a new perspective and be inspired by the spirit of Xuanzang by revisiting the oldest session of the Eastern Silk Road! Don’t miss out!

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(after deducting the funding)

For Secondary School Students HS-AISR2019 (Learn More) June 14, 2019 HKD 11,300
For Undergraduates/Postgraduates AISR2019 (Learn More)

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