Beyond the Concrete Jungle: Exploring Nature and Biodiversity

Programme Description

Co-organized by the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (website), an experiential and experimental knowledge institution based at the University of Hong Kong, this online course is designed to help students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of nature and sustainability in Hong Kong.

Through various online activities, students will learn about the features and elements of nature and biodiversity, as well as the approaches in nature conservation and education in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, they are expected to gain insights and first-hand perspectives which encourage them to appreciate the wonder of nature and then proactively connect with nature and biodiversity in their daily life.

The course will also discuss the environmental issues and challenges of local species and habitats. Through the trainings of design thinking and problem-solving, students should understand how to make informed decisions and take actions to get involvement in nature and biodiversity conservation.

The course will be interdisciplinary and experiential, including lectures, virtual tours, live workshops and other innovative learning opportunities, making connections and contributions to nature and local biodiversity during the 1-week study period.

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