Business Analytics Studies – Empowering Business and Finance with Big Data

Programme Descriptions:

With the rapid advances in information technologies, a massive amount of data, often known as “big data”, are being generated at an unprecedented speed, from various sources such as online transactions, trading, mobile applications, sensors, video-capturing systems, and most notably, social media including blogs, microblogs, Facebook, and forums. There are many opportunities for “business analytics”, where business organisations and financial institutions can gain managerial and strategic insights by gathering, cleaning, and analysing these data. Business analytics also has a close relationship with FinTech, as it can facilitate financial model development, risk management, algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading, and more precise asset and financial product valuation. This program provides an introduction to various business analytics and FinTech applications to give students the fundamentals of these topics and the technologies behind, with a combination of interactive lectures and demonstrations.

Learning Objectives:

After taking this program, participants should be able to:

  • Describe and analyze the characteristics of various business analytics techniques and methods, compare their pros and cons, and apply them effectively in business and finance.
  • Describe and explain the basics of artificial intelligence and data mining.
  • Explain the fundamentals of the latest FinTech applications supported by data analytics such as algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading;
  • Explain the impact of business analytics on business and finance.

Programme Key topics:

  • Introduction to business analytics
  • Business intelligence and data visualisation
  • Artificial intelligence and data mining
  • Application of analytics in FinTech
  • Algorithmic trading and high frequency trading

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