Business Leaders for a Changing World

This programme has been changed from face-to-face to online delivery mode.

Programme Description:

The programme includes one week of foundational courses and another week of specialisation courses. Within the enrolment process, students will be able to choose one of the two streams offered by the programme, namely, Product Development and Marketing Strategy, and Big Data & Analytics in Business and Management. All students will attend the foundational courses on the first week, subsequently, they will be assigned to two different classes for attending the specialisation courses (either one) on the second week. This arrangement aims to provide students with a greater degree of freedom and to cater to every student’s distinct needs.

With a broad coverage of various topics, including accounting, finance, marketing, leadership and fintech, etc., participants can acquire knowledge and develop workplace skills holistically. The programme is suited for students who are still exploring their field of specialisation, as well as those who have wide academic interests across the business field.

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