Entertainment Business + KOL: A practical approach

  • Non-local Applicants:  March 31, 2020
  • Local Applicants:          May 31, 2020

The programme provides the opportunity to take two courses while learning about Global Creative Industries. Due to the limited quota, priority will be given to those who have applied for the Cultivating Future Leader in Asia (Hong Kong X Seoul) Creative Industries and Cultural Management (CFLA2020).

The programme fee includes the following:

  • Networking events, social activities and orientation
  • Certificate of completion (non-credit bearing programme)
  • Insurance
  • Welcome kit
  • HKU facilities access

Programme Description:

This programme consists of two parts.

The first part is an introduction to entertainment business. The focus of this part is on the definition, brief history, the structure, organization, and management of entertainment business. The lectures of this part will be delivered through an intensive case study of Johnny & Associates, the most famous entertainment business establishment in Japan in particular and East Asia in general.

The second part is to introduce students to the creation, operation, and business model of KOL in the global context with an emphasis on the KOL in the Chinese societies of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Particular attention will be paid to the relationship among KOL, social and new media, and social changes.

Learning Objectives

This course has two major purposes. Firstly, this course is to introduce students to the concepts of ‘entertainment business’ and ‘KOL’ and to examine and analyze how entertainment business and KOL should be understood. Secondly, the course aims to prepare students for becoming a KOL or productive worker in entertainment business. By the end of the programme, students should have gained an understanding of:

  1. The ideas of ‘entertainment business’ and ‘KOL’
  2. Some major problems about the current business models of entertainment business and KOL
  3. The relationship among entertainment business, creative activities, and social changes
  4. The relationship among KOL, new media and social media, and social changes
  5. The actual operation and management of entertainment business
  6. The actual operation and management of KOL

Course Schedule:

12 Lectures (10:00 – 13:00 ) & (14:30 – 17:30)

Teaching Methods:

  • Lectures, case studies, workshop and presentations
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop computer to class.

Key Topic:

  • Introduction to the course
  • What in Entertainment Business
  • The Business Models of Structure of Entertainment Business Establishments
  • The Structure of Entertainment Business Establishments
  • The Organization of Entertainment Business Establishments
  • Marketing Entertainment Business
  • Fieldwork (Media and Entertainment Industries case studies)
  • What is KOL?
  • The Relationship between KOL and Social and New Media in Greater China
  • The Business Models of KOL
  • The Operation of KOL
  • Creation of a Successful KOL
  • Fieldwork (Media and Entertainment Industries case studies)
  • Final Presentation
Date July 29 (Monday) July 30 (Tuesday) July 31 (Wednesday) August 1 (Thursday) August 2 (Friday)
Morning session Registration and Orientation Introduction to Entertainment Business I Introduction to Entertainment Business II Free Time Free Time
Afternoon session Social Activity Free Time Free Time Guest Lecture Firm Visit
Date August 5 (Monday) August 6 (Tuesday) August 7 (Wednesday) August 8 (Thursday) August 9 (Friday)
Morning session Introduction to Celebrity Political KOL KOL in Education KOL in Movie Presentation
Afternoon session Introduction to KOL Free Time Guest Lecture Guest Lecture End of Programme

• HKU Summer Institute reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the programme either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.