1.2 What are the requirements for entering HKU campus?

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From Monday January 17, 2022, everyone entering HKU campus is required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or to undergo weekly Covid-19 tests on a self-paying basis. All students/ visitors will need to scan the eVT QR code on one of the readers on campus or show your vaccination record or self-test results to a security guard when entering the campus every time. Exemptions will be given to students who are under the age of 12. For detailed control measures, please visit https://covid19.hku.hk/announcements/all/2021/12/11231/. All students/ visitors coming to campus need to adhere to HKU’s infection control protocols and are obligated to meet these requirements. For more details, please visit https://covid19.hku.hk/.

Category: 1. COVID Related Matters