4.2 Can I apply to stay in a residential hall longer than my programme period?

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Due to limited hall places, you are only allowed to apply for hall accommodation during the programme period. Normally for undergraduate/postgraduate students, check-in will be arranged 1 night prior to the commencement date of the programme for easier arrival arrangements. Check-out is normally arranged the noon after the last day of the programme, depending on the programme schedule. For example, if your programme period is July 13 – July 24, your check-in date will be July 12 PM and your check-out date will July 25 AM.

However, for non-local high school students, please refer to the accommodation page for secondary school students.

For some high school programmes, check-in will be the first date of the programme and check-out will be the last date of the programme depending on programme schedule. As different arrangements might apply to different programmes, please check your programme details for specific arrangements..

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