New Visa Application

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    1. Application for Entry for Study in Hong Kong Form (ID 995A) (Download Here) (Sample Form);
      • Print page 1 – 4 on one side A4 white paper. Ensure the barcode is clearly shown at the bottom of each page.
      • Complete and submit all column on page 1 – 4 only (except part 3 on Page 2).
      • Sign on every page as required on the bottom right corner.
      • Affix one recent original photo according to the instruction shown on page 2. Printed photo is not acceptable.
      • AAL will not process and sponsor dependent visa application. Applicant may arrange visa(s) for his/her accompanying dependant(s) separately. For details, please refer to the Application for Residence as Dependants and Guidebook on ImmD website(Click Here)
    2. Student Visa Sponsorship Form – For Application for Entry for Study in Hong Kong (Download Here) ;
    3. Letter of Guardian Nomination (If the applicant is under the age of 18) (Download Here) ;
    4. A photocopy of the Notice of Admission and your acceptance to the offer;
    5. A photocopy of Passport containing your personal particulars
      1. A photocopy of financial proof;
          • ImmD is strict about the financial documents. Applicant must show to have an ability to afford the costs of education and living expenses in Hong Kong. To establish the evidence of financial resources, applicant or the financial sponsor should submit one of, or a combination of the following:

        (a) Proof of liquid assets;

            • Up-to-date bank records (bank statements or passbook or bankbook), and/or a personal certificate of saving/fixed deposit of your own/financial sponsor with a bank stamp.
            • Please note the wealth management products are not acceptable.
            • ImmD will not accept any on-line/website printed version of banking statement as the financial proof.

        (b) Tax receipts and salary slips, employment letters;

(c) Award letter of financial aid or scholarship.


  • Applicants of a student visa to Hong Kong for study purpose are required to nominate a local sponsor. Students who wish to take up HKU short-term study courses, should request the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section (AAL) to be their visa sponsor.

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