Featured: Arts Series

They say the “Earth” without “art” is just “eh…”

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1 PHIL2341 Bioethics
2 GCIN2009 Art worlds: Aesthetics, money, and markets
3 GCIN2015 Entrepreneurship in creative industries
4 GCIN2020 New media and social media
5 ARTS1010 English for Effective Communication in Business and Social Contexts
6 ARTS1013 Academic Writing and Critical Reading
7 FINE2090 Blockbusters, Bonanzas, and Biennales: Contemporary art in the Global Age
8 GCIN2003 Cultural policy: A complex marriage of business, politics and culture
9 GCIN2017 Luxury markets in East Asia
10 GCIN2028 Understanding Asian Cinema: History, Culture, and Industry
11 HIST2018 Foreign Relations of China Since 1949
12 HIST2129 Living Through War: Society, Culture and Trauma
13 HIST2xxx Medicine, Propaganda, and Colonialism in Asia: 1895 – 1945
14 HIST1017 Modern Hong Kong
15 HIST2106 Imperial Japan: Its Modern Wars and Colonial Empire
16 PHIL2310 Theories of morality