Business Studies – Contemporary Business Accounting

Programme Descriptions:

This all rounded program is designed for high school students, particularly those who want to be our university candidates to pursue their interest in professional accounting in the contemporary business world.  It will provide students with knowledge in most aspects of accounting and how these skills can be applied in real world regardless whether students want to be accountants or not.  This program will also focus on effective presentation and communication skills, which are essential for their tertiary studies and future career.  We will also provide them an opportunity to experience  the university entrance interview process through a mock session.

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide students with knowledge regarding the key principles and concepts of different areas of accounting;
  • To help students comprehend the framework of accounting theory, the basic accounting cycle, and the preparation of financial statements;
  • To develop students’ ability to use financial accounting information in different decision-making scenarios;
  • To provide students with a global outlook in the accounting profession; and
  • To develop students’ presentation and communication skills.
  • To enhance interview skills with experience.

Programme Key topics:

  • Introduction to business accounting
  • Business analysis
  • Introduction to contemporary auditing
  • Business communication & negotiation
  • University entrance mock interview session

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