Featured: Multimedia Series 2021

Media content that uses a combination of forms such as audio, video, text, images, interactivity, and animation, among others, is called multimedia. Our summer multimedia programmes blend in modern digital technologies to provide the best platform for students to understand multimedia issues. Students will be better prepared for quality handling of real world issues on multimedia upon completion of the programmes!

For Undergraduates/Postgraduates

SIUS2104 HKU Greater Bay Area Summer School – Virtual Worlds, Real Bodies Online Summer Course 2021 Learn more
SIUS2111 HKU-PKU Summer Programme 2021 – Flipped Innovators Learn more

For Secondary School Students

ELRN1803 Future Artificial Intelligence and FinTech Learn more
ELES1801 Game Design and AI Workshop Learn more
SISA2107 Storytelling with Multimedia Technology Learn more