Featured Multimedia Series

Make your imagination real. Let your creativity flow!

This summer, at HKU, share your imagination with the world! We offered programmes about music, 3d character creation, and game and animation production. No matter what your passion is, you’ll definitely find your own place.

iJam Music Production

Featuring Mr. Chiu Tsang Hei, a famous and multi-talented music producer and composer in Hong Kong, the programme aims to inspire students to produce music creatively.

Some key features about the programme:

  • Learning basic concepts in music production
  • Producing music through listening
  • Acquiring fundamental skills in digital music production
  • Deepen knowledge in music production
  • Group projects with individual guidance
  • Re-arranging or rewrite a song in own preference

Application: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/ijam-music-production/

3D Character Modelling & Visualisation

Aiming to introduce the creation of Computer Generated Images (CGI) and basic visualisation by utilising the market-popular 3D software, our 5-day programme will encourage you to express your imaginative ideas in a multi-dimensional media beyond the boundary of two-dimensional design, and reinforce your ability in three-dimensional thinking and evaluating 3D forms!

Programme Features:

  1. Apply 3D thinking onto design projects;
  2. Develop and produce accurate 3D visualisation;
  3. Translate imaginative ideas into a multi-dimensional medium beyond the boundaries of 2D design;
  4. Prepare digital file for 3D output.

Application: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/3d-character-modelling-visualisation/

Dreamscape Design and Interaction

This course aims to equip students with the fundamental principles and techniques to design and create virtual world which are suitable for interactive applications. 

Students will learn the essential techniques and skills to create an engaging and dynamic virtual environment with physical simulations, intelligent responses and real-time interactions.

Application: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/dreamscape-design-and-interaction/