Featured Science Series

People say Mathematics is an adventure, and Science is the poetry of reality.

This summer, HKU Summer Institute presents to you a series of science-related

programmes, ranging from Mathematics to Astronomy, and bringing you from the earth to the galaxy!

We offer programmes about Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Mathematical Modeling and Conservation Ecology, etc. During the lessons, you will learn like a university student!

We will explore with you, from theories to practice, everything about science – dark matter, calculus, mathematical models, etc. Make up your mind and join us for a scientific summer!

Introduction to Astronomy

This is an introductory course on astronomy, including both the observational aspect of the field and a descriptive survey of the solar system, the Sun, stars, galaxies and the universe.  Selected special topics such as extra solar planets, neutron stars, black holes and dark matter will also be included.

Apply now: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/hs-phys1000/

Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling

This course introduces elementary mathematical modeling techniques. Also, a powerful and free software Scilab would be taught and used to study models in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology and Management.

Apply now: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/hs-math1641/

University Physics

This is an introductory, calculus-based physics course for the students who want to have an overview in physics at the university level. It covers mechanics, gravitation, oscillations, waves and sound, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and physical optics. Conceptual ideas in physics are emphasized and the mathematical treatment is moderate.

Apply now: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/hs-programmes/hs-phys1001/

University Mathematics I

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that finds wide applications in science, economics and finance, engineering and many other areas. This is a first course in one-variable calculus.

Apply now: https://summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/math1011/