Testimonials by Past Participants

Programme: Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship in China

“The HKU summer programme was very interestingly crafted. The programme was a mix bag of the culture and knowledge about the technologies in china and Hong Kong, efforts to relate students directly to real time practices in industry with latest technologies and how government is involved in promotion of entrepreneurship and in development of futuristic technologies. It was fun to do things their way especially the lunches and going to local market, on the other end we visited two universities and some incubation centres where we were able to interact with people and learn things.”
Ms Rijsinghani Dharaben, Dharamsinh Desai University, India

Programme: Global Business in Asia: New Horizons

“I have gained a broad understanding of business environments in a variety of industries in both HK and Shanghai. The programme provides two interesting courses particularly the Chinese economy and you also get a very good knowledge and taste of the two cities. Visits to the Peace Hotel, Convention Center and China Merchant Bank were my favourite site visits. I also enjoyed being in a group of international students. Loved the Bund in Shanghai and the proximity to the HKU Center to it.”
Ms Christine Bancroft, Queen’s University, Canada

“It provides insight to China’s economy, marketing and culture while at the same time offering the opportunity for an international network and a great experience. It has been a tight schedule but I want to come back to both Hong Kong and Shanghai to work and live. It was good to have the combination of site visits, lectures and sightseeing.”
Ms Anne Bruntse, Aarhus University, Denmark

“My experience in Hong Kong and Shanghai was a really good one, especially in Hong Kong I met new people and made a lot of friends from different countries.  The programme helps us to better understand the business world.”
Ms Dana Adobritei, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Programme: Critical Thinking and Arts residential summer programme

“Hong Kong is such an extraordinary and unique city, being a melting pot of Eastern and Western culture. During my time at HKU I met some wonderful and very friendly people, and was taught by world experts in their respective fields. The programme offered real diversity and gave a unique and fascinating perspective into the Faculty of Arts and HKU in a world context. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at HKU and exploring Hong Kong, and cannot impress enough how much students should consider undertaking a summer programme at HKU wherever they reside. My unique and wonderful experiences shall remain with me forever, and I cannot thank HKU enough!”
Mr Daniel Aldred, High School for Girls Grammar School, Gloucester, United Kingdom

Programme: Engineering the Climate Change 

“Participating the programme was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got the chance to interact with the highly skilled and proficient professors at HKU and a wonderful time to  meet students and make friends from different countries and cultures. We learnt several measures on eco-friendly techniques and various other methodologies to conserve the environment. The HONG KONG SCIENCE PARK was the place where we could actually see the implementation of green technology before us. It was here that we saw a fully energy efficient “green building’’. We were also acquainted with several green technologies in the HKU campus.”
Ms Pooja Jain, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Programme: Asia as the Global Future

“Asia as the Global Future has given me a truly unique insight into the vast and diverse Asian content and introduced me to numerous topics and current issues that I doubt any other programme is able to offer.”
Lars Andre Strøm ARNESEN, University of Begen, Norway

“Asia as the Global Future provides an insightful, informative and exciting look into emerging Asia’s plethora of issues, cultures and geographies, with diverse conglomeration of international perspectives. This programme is a fantastic channel into learning about the growing importance of Asia. With fantastic organizers, field trips and learning opportunities, the course is a unique and invigorating way to experience Hong Kong and Asia with aplomb.”
James Alexander Gethyn EVANS, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Programme: Dentistry and Oral Health

“Interesting and lively, friendly professors.”

“I enjoyed this programme a lot and I learned many things about different dental careers. This helped me to understand if dentistry is really the field I wanted to go in. Thanks a lot for the programme.”

“Great programme, thank you for holding it. Special thanks to student leaders.”

“The programme is really fun and the arrangements are pretty good. In addition, the professionals and student leaders are helpful.”

Programme: Engineering Summer Camp

“Thanks a lot for doing this for us, not just for taking these photos, but also organizing this camp and making it run smoothly. This engineering summer camp is way better than I expected and I have benefited a lot from it. Through this camp, it has granted me the opportunity to talk/know some of the students who is doing engineering in HKU, which is a valuable experience, but has broadened my view of engineering.”

“I do enjoy this camp. I joined this camp because I’d like to have a taste of what university life is like and to know more about engineering.”

Programme: Medical Summer Broadening Programme

This two week program in Asia’s top medical school enabled me to become fully immersed in the life of a medical student. It was a thoroughly enriching and enjoyable experience. I felt like I’ve stepped into the shoes of a medical student in those two weeks – attending lectures, going on field trips, visiting Queen Mary Hospital, and more. This programme was also an excellent opportunity to form bonds with students with similar interests in medicine.
Stefanie Yip, MBBS I

The Summer Broadening Programme was a very valuable experience. Not only did I have a chance to meet my future classmates and schoolmates in advance, but I also had the opportunity to know some other students who have the ambition to enter the medical field, and we did have lots of instructive interactions. Equally important, the programme granted me a glimpse of the life of a medical student, and allowed me to prepare myself better and earlier for what I am going to face. It would be wonderful if the programme can continue to benefit more people.
Matt Lam, MBBS I

The SBP was a great opportunity for me to know more about the whole MBBS curriculum and the faculty before really becoming a medical student. The mentors have been very kind in answering all our questions, no matter on studying or U-life or any other matters. The programs also effectively demonstrated to us how MBBS studies would be in the future years.
Leung Ian Yu Hin, MBBS I

I greatly enjoyed the Summer Broadening Programme, which gave me a first glimpse at the study life in the faculty through various lectures, practicals, PBL sessions and the group project presentation. What I found most delightful was certainly hall life, which was great fun and allowed me to become good friends with many fellow students. Such experience is certainly memorable and rewarding.
Chung Yan Suen Agnes, BPharm 1

Programme: Asia as the Global Future

“Asia as the Global Future has given me a truly unique insight into the vast and diverse Asian content and introduced me to numerous topics and current issues that I doubt any other programme is able to offer.”
Lars Andre Strøm ARNESEN, University of Begen, Norway

“The programme gave me a whole new perspective of Asia. It is definitely a life experience.”
CHEUNG Fung, University of North Carolina – Charlotte, USA

Programme: Hong Kong and the World

“It truly widened my horizons and enriched my experience of university life. And it also let me know more about HKU and the Faculty of Arts. A really excellent experience!”

Programme: Careers Discovery in Architecture

“This programme gives me a good insight into what it is like to study architecture or to be an architect. The studio session is very successful in helping us to experience the design process and to think critically. The TA’s and instructors are very helpful and generous.”

“I learnt quite a lot during the past three weeks and had a deeper understanding in architecture overall it is a unique, special experience which I won’t forget for the whole life.”

“I find the course quite interesting as it helps students to think and create in a broader sense when we are doing the design work.”

Programme: Crimson Summer Exchange (CSE)

“The program allowed me to build up a close relationship with the students and learn to study different cultures from different perspectives.”
Christopher Parker, CSE 2008 Fellow from The University of Cambridge

“I witnessed my son’s breakthrough and I also felt that his study interest has been greatly enhanced after this program.”
Ms Cathy Tong, parent of a CSE student participant

“I had learned things that I had never learned in school yet at the same time it was very enjoyable since the fellows who taught us used lots of examples to explain their ideas and opinions.”
Aaron Lee, CSE 2008 student participant

Programme: Learn, Live and Intern in China (LLIC)

“I learned a lot this summer and gained valuable skills and knowledge. In comparison to other programs I’ve heard of, I think this program is more flexible, has more interesting and diverse internship placements, and had a great group of students this summer.”
Harvard University Participant, Internship Placement: English First, Shanghai

“The schedule and was very well designed and I enjoyed the guest. I enjoyed the lectures especially those about the Hong Kong Economy, China trade, Hong Kong financial system, and Hong Kong and China cultures.”
Mr Jon Ma, USA

Programme: HKU Worldwide Summer Programme

“Throughout the summer programme besides experiencing cultural diversity, it has also aroused my interests on international affairs. I started keeping track on world news, especially on news related to African countries, upon return to Hong Kong. I believe that the summer school has benefited every single participant in a way that cannot be achieved anywhere else, because of the unique combination of participants, enjoying the unique and well-planned programme inside the nation with unique history.”
Miu Ping Yim, participant of IPSU Summer School 2008 at Stellenbosch University, South Africa

“Going to exchange has truly enriched my life! You can get to know a wholly new way of life, kick start your innate adventure seeking spirit (which I believe everyone has), develop independence and open up your mind to new perspectives. I have become friends with most of the Singaporeans and Mexicans in the program, sorry to say just a few Americans students (as their nightly partying and drinking gave me, who lived just upstairs, a real headache). Memories of the things you’ve encountered, enforced with the friends you’ve made will leave behind a wonderful page in your book of life. The way that bikes and cars coexist in harmony on the roads of Paris, the late sunsets in Paris, the friendly and cordial French people I have met, the smell of a freshly made crepe, my private dorm room with attached bathroom (a real luxury for me). I would never forget those good and mellow times of my student life!”
Yung Hoi Ki Sandy, participant of summer programme at Telecom & Management Sudparis (former INT), France.

Programme: Postgraduate Summer School: Social Science Research Methods

“The cross-cultural exchanges, rigorous coursework and location in a global city make the experience excellent value.”
James Cocks, Columbia University, USA

Programme: An Overture to Global Leadership: The Summer School for Effective Leadership

“I enjoyed the School thoroughly. Using the HKU Campus gave us a taste of university life.  We had our lectures in formal mini theatres, which was a pleasant contrast with the classrooms that all students in Hong Kong are used to. Through the many lectures and workshops, I learnt more about subjects ranging from English Literature to critical thinking. Moreover, I learnt many leadership skills – creativity, how to resolve conflicts, how to solve seemingly “impossible” problems, etc.  These are all important life skills that will certainly groom me into a responsible member of the community.”
Wong Ching-ching, Jane (Diocesan Girls’ School)

“I wanted to go to a summer camp in Hong Kong to reconnect myself with the people and culture of Hong Kong after having moved to Shanghai for a few years. I was also curious about HKU since my parents are both alumni of the institution. There were a lot of team building activities to enrich my learning experience which were memorable and useful after going back to school when summer was over.”
WONG Po-sang, Micky (Shanghai American School Pudong)

Programme: Junior Science Institute

“JSI is all-rounded. It provides us with a great atmosphere and platform for learning which does not only enhance my interests in science, but also widens my horizon.”

“JSI provides lots of teaching materials and support during the workshops, which helps the students to have thorough understanding on the science areas.”