Future Artificial Intelligence and FinTech

Programme Descriptions:

FinTech is a hot topic and is rapidly developing in the global financial centre like Hong Kong. With the use of advance technology such as algorithm trading, mobile payment, crypto currency, artificial intelligence, the landscape of the financial industry is changing and new skills and talents are demanded. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is another fast growing area. AI can be applied in many areas such as pattern recognition, security, fraud detection, stock market prediction etc. The course objectives are as follows:

  1. To introduce the latest technologies on FinTech and Artificial Intelligence
  2. To appreciate the application of Artificial Intelligence in different areas
  3. To inspire the innovation and entrepreneurship sense of the learners

Course Outline: 

  • Managing financial big data
  • Technical Analysis & Algorithm Trading
  • Cyber security & Mobile payment Technologies
  • Concept, applications and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence

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