HKU Crimson Summer Exchange 2020 –

Hong Kong Programme

Programme Code: AISR2020

Programme Code: CSEHK2020D (Day Programme) / CSEHK2020R (Residential Programme)

Faculty of:

Managed by: Managed by HKU Summer Institute

Level-of-study: Age 13-16

Programme Period: July 13, 2020 to July 24, 2020

Programme Fee: HKD 13,500 (Residential Programme) / HKD 9,300 (Day Programme)

Accommodation: Included

Early Bird Offer: Apply on or before March 1, 2020
– 5% discount on programme fee

Deadline for Application: March 31, 2020

Online Application: apply now

What is HKU CSE?

Coming to its 17th year, HKU Crimson Summer Exchange (HKU CSE) continues to invite students to spend a meaningful summer with a group of native English speaking teaching Fellows from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford and other Ivy League universities. HKU CSE offers a well-developed platform for students and Fellows from across the world to interact with and to learn from each other.

Throughout the programme, students will undertake lessons delivered and developed by fellows who are expert scholars in their fields, as well as learn from their professional and life experience.

For more information about HKU CSE, please go to:


1.) interact with native English speakers from top universities in the world
and learn from fellows from various backgrounds and professions

2.) Share insights with fellows and to think like a global citizen

3.) Have a taste of HKU student life, academically and

4.) Appreciate diversity in cultures and discover way
to create positive impact to society



  • CSE is so inspiring to me!
  • So nice to meet you all incredible friends from all over the world!!
  • Thanks for the amazing two weeks!
  • Things end. But memories last forever.
  • These two weeks were full of surprises and happiness.
  • I appreciate everything happened in HKU CSE!


  • Teaching them was not just teaching, but it was a process of learning for all of us and I hope that I have inspired them as much as they have inspired me.

Programme Details:

Date: 13th Jul –  24th Jul, 2020
Duration: Sunday to Saturday (10:00-18:00); Compulsory evening events till 22:00 available occasionally; Field trips/ outings may occur on Saturday and Sunday.
Venue: The University of Hong Kong & attractions for field trips

(HKU CSE High Table Dinner 2018)

(HKU CSE High Table Dinner 2019)

(Guest Speaker 2019 – Mr. Joseph C. Lam, Former Barrister-at-Law)

Programme Eligibility:

  • 13 – 16 years old
  • With good English communication skills
  • Eager to engage and think
  • Willing to talk and share

Application due:

  • 31st March , 2020 (Overseas Application)
  • 31st May, 2020 (Local Application)

Review of applications will start on 15th February, 2020 and continue until all vacancies are filled.

Programme Fee:

CSE Hong Kong Programme

Day: HKD $9,300

*Students enrolling in the day programme will participate in the programme from 9:00 am –  9:00 pm, depending on the activities. They will usually dismiss on HKU campus after the last session of the day.

Residential: HKD $13,500

(With accommodation in HKU)

(Only students aged 15 or above are welcome)

*Students enrolling in the residential programme will be offered accommodation in the residential hall(s) of HKU. They will stay at the residential hall(s) with their group-mates and group leaders. Students are supposed to stay at the residential hall(s) throughout the programme period. Two or three students will share a room.

**Students below 15 years old are not allowed to stay at any of the residential halls of HKU.


Early Bird Offer: Apply on or before
1st March, 2020

– 5% discount on the programme fee

We look forward to seeing you at HKU this summer!