Accounting Control and Big Data Analytics

For Undergraduates

There is an increasing focus on accounting control and big data in the market. Accounting is the number one business language, and it creates the foundation for discussions of a company’s financial performance, but also of the non-financial dimensions of performance, such as  customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and competence development,  all playing a major role in the creation of value in the organization. In addition, big data represents an opportunity to analyze the internal and external forces that influence companies’ performance. By capitalizing on big data, the role of accountants is moving beyond optimizing the finance function to transforming the enterprise competitive advantage.

This program covers two major areas. First, we will deliver a series of fundamental accounting and auditing training mostly in the first week and later focus on how an organization can leverage accounting information through business analytics to achieve its goals. Participants will learn how to identify the information needs of an organization as well as information that would drive competitive advantage.

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