China’s Economic Transformation and Outreach: Implications for Global Business

For Undergraduates/Postgraduates 

This programme provides students with a good understanding of China’s economy that are relevant for global business. For controversial issues, both the “China perspectives” and “Western perspectives” will be considered so students will be exposed to different viewpoints.

The programme begins with an overall view of China’s economic development since reform, and then explores the external transactions between China and the rest of the world. These transactions take the forms of trade, foreign direct investment and financial investment. The second half of the programme will focus on the renminbi and its internationalization, the future of China trade, the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s vibrant services sector, and the roles of state, private and foreign enterprises. There will be a one-day trip to visit enterprises in Shenzhen or the Pearl River Delta to provide students with first-hand experience.

Given the contents of the programme and the possible diverse background of students, the programme assumes no prior study of China’s economy. It uses simple economic concepts so the contents are easily comprehensible for students with different academic backgrounds to familiarize themselves with current issues related to China’s economy and global business.

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