Learn, Live & Intern in Asia (LLIA) Internship Programme 2019

For Undergraduates/Postgraduates

Course Description

Learn, Live & Intern in Asia (LLIA) consists of a 4-day seminar series at the University of Hong Kong, followed by a 7-week internship programme in Asia.

This course is designed to equip students with a deeper understanding of the fastest-growing economic and business environments in the world through an in-depth exploration of Asia and Mainland China markets by having guest lectures and firm visits with senior management of leading companies in Hong Kong.

This course focuses on practical experience of the current business environment, marketing and branding, consumer behavior, and cross-cultural management in Asia and Mainland China. Learning via in-class lecturers, guest talks, form visits and internships are the core components in achieving the course objectives of this programme.

Most recently, with the “One Belt One Road” initiative raised by China’s government, local and international firms need to develop a new mindset if they want to be competitive in such a huge, diverse and fast-changing environment as Mainland China.

Students will also acquire personal experience of a variety of cultures and societies, and develop truly international perspectives and practical work experience via internships in Mainland China and other Asian countries.

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