How to be a Successful KOL in Creative Industries

Course Description:

This course introduces students some theoretically based practical knowledge about how to become a successful KOL in creative industries. The course starts with some basic theoretical discussion on the nature, character, and form of KOLs. It is then followed by a thorough discussion on the strategies of self-branding a person or a group into KOLs especially self-branding strategies through YouTube. The third part of the course is an introduction to the business model of a YouTuber, focusing the ways YouTuber makes profits through being a successful KOLs. The course then devotes itself to two case studies, through which students can gain some insights from the two cases of successful YouTubers.

Learning Objectives:

 After taking this course,

  • Students will be able to have a thorough understanding of KOLs;
  • Students will be able to know several self-branding strategies of KOLs;
  • Students will have a better understanding of the business model of KOLs;
  • Students will have some insights from two case studies of successful KOLs

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