Career Discovery in Architecture (Hong Kong)

Programme Code: ARCH0001

Faculty of: Architecture, Department of Architecture

Level-of-study: S4-S6

Area of Interest: Architecture

Programme Period: August 1-12, 2022 or August 8-19, 2022

Programme Fee: HKD 12,333

Discount(s) on Programme Fee:

20% – Academy Summer Scholarship

(*Summer Institute discounts are NOT applicable)

Deadline for Application:
(Students requiring visa) March 28, 2022
(Students not requiring visa) July 8, 2022

Online Application: APPLY NOW


The application procedure of this programme is separated from HKUSI application system. You will be required to apply and pay all fees separately. For more information, please visit the programme link.

Course Poster:


– Grade 10 – 13 students (S4 – S6) in the academic year 2021-22
– Non-architecture major undergraduate students who are considering changing their majors to architectural studies. (Note: this programme is catered towards High School students as their introduction to the study of architecture at the university level.)

Course Description:

Founded in 1998, the Career Discovery Programme in Architecture is a summer course organized by the Department of Architecture. It was set-up to promote the involvement of secondary school students in the Department of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong.

This three-week programme is targeted at any secondary school students who is considering architecture as a future career. The programme introduces students to historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of architecture. The programme comprises a series of lectures, field trips, architectural design workshops and studio conducted by professors, practicing professionals, and staff from the Faculty of Architecture.

This course consists of lectures on the appreciation of aesthetics, the urban environment, landscape design, historic building conservation, environmental considerations, and computer-aided design, etc. The workshops include free-hand drawings, orthographic projections, perspectives, photography and model making.

Design Studio forms an integral part of architectural education. The studio aims to raise students’ awareness of the hands-on and interactive nature in architectural training. A series of small design exercises is assigned to provide students with opportunities to apply the design skills and knowledge acquired during the course.

Program highlights:
· Architectural Design Studio
· Workshops in: Sketching / Technical Drawing / Model-making / Computer Modeling
· Lectures in: Visual Arts / Performing Arts / Architecture / Landscape / Conservation
· Fieldtrips

On completing the course, students will:
· Understand better the field of the architecture as a career.
· Get a snapshot of what studying architecture is like at university level.
· Learn the basic skills of architecture and understand how to apply them.
· Understand the basic knowledges required in architectural and design thinking.
· Begin to apply critical thinking, creative thinking and design thinking.
· Learn to work with others from different background.

Scale & Proportion
Form & Space
Texture, Material, Light
Environmental Design
Building Structure
Architectural Drawing
Model Making
Architectural Presentation
Digital post-production
Portfolio making

Course Outline:


For More Information:

For Enquiries:

Contact person: Ms. Eunice Wong
Phone: (+852) 3917 2135


• You understand that you must be available for the entire duration of the programme, from the start to the end of the programme. 20% absence is allowed for emergencies or sick leave with legitimate reason and official letterhead proof for the absence. Students have the responsibility to contact the programme coordinator and/or teacher concerned about this ahead of time. No exceptions will be made, unless prior approval has been given. You are expected to be punctual for all classes and tutorials. Unexcused cases of lateness may count as absence. Students who fail to achieve an 80% of attendance or absence without legitimate reason and official letterhead proof for the absence will not be awarded the HKU Credits or the Certificate of Completion.