Exploring Law in Society

Programme Code: SIJP2110

Faculty of:

Managed by: HKU Summer Institute

Level-of-study: S1-S3

Area of Interest: Professionals

Programme Period: July 26, 2021 to August 6, 2021

Programme Fee: HKD 11,600

Early Bird Discount (Deadline: February 28, 2021):
– 5% discount on programme fee

Discount(s) on Programme Fee:

20% - Academy Summer Scholarship or Alumni Discount
10% - Referral Discount
5% - Early Bird Discount (Deadline: February 28, 2021) or Private Discount

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Deadline for Application: June 14, 2021

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Programme Description

The Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong is the first law school in Hong Kong and one of the most prestigious law schools internationally. A law education is one of the most valuable and sought-after degrees as it enables students to develop rational thinking and develop a sense of justice.

To facilitate law education among teenagers and popularise law study in Hong Kong, the pioneer programme about law study at HKU for Junior Secondary students is on the list this year!

During the programme, participants will be given a case to investigate. With the help from current students, alumni, Lecturers and Professors of HKU Law Faculty, participants will gain exposure to the law discipline through numerous discussions, philosophical and critical-thinking debates, and fiercely contested exchanges. At the conclusion of the programme, participants will have to stand against each other and defend their case for “justice”. Students will be able to learn debating skills which demonstrate great importance in modern society, and gain a first-hand experience of standing in a court-setting scenario to have formal intellectual exchange at their earlier stage than others.

Exploring Law in Society programme allows students to immerse in the theory and practice of law and to develop a roadmap to become a legal professional. During the 2-week Programme, students will be exposed to the practice of law, legal topics and rhetoric, and ethics from pre-eminent legal professionals, including our professors.


Learning Objectives

  • To introduce the Faculty of Law and other Law-related Programmes to secondary students interested in studying law in the future
  • To facilitate intellectual exchange among secondary students with basic legal concepts
  • To create an environment for secondary students to understand legal education and basic knowledge of the rule of law
  • To promote and encourage participation of secondary students in future events of HKU
  • To promote social awareness and encourage critical thinking

• You understand that you must be available for the entire duration of the programme, from the start to the end of the programme. 20% absence is allowed for emergencies or sick leave with legitimate reason and official letterhead proof for the absence. Students have the responsibility to contact the programme coordinator and/or teacher concerned about this ahead of time. No exceptions will be made, unless prior approval has been given. You are expected to be punctual for all classes and tutorials. Unexcused cases of lateness may count as absence. Students who fail to achieve an 80% of attendance or absence without legitimate reason and official letterhead proof for the absence will not be awarded the HKU Credits or the Certificate of Completion.