All students, including local Hong Kong and international students are required to obtain visa for the LLIA internship programme.

Country of Internship  Local HK Students International Students (Not a HK Permanent Resident)
Mainland China Only Home Return Permit (回鄉證) is required.

1) HK student visa: Refer to Q2 – 5

2) F/M China visa: Refer to Q2 – 15




You should ONLY apply your visa upon receiving the invitation letter issued by the company, which will be sent together with the Letter of Offer in early March.

Recommended visa application period: March – April

i. For HK student visa, HK$900 credit card payment authorization form

ii. For F/M China visa, please refer here for the application fee for your respective country

You can apply for your HK student visa upon receiving the Letter of Offer for the LLIC programme. HKU-Cedars will assist you in the HK student visa application. You are required to email us the relevant supporting documents, and HKU-Cedars would then assist you to apply. HKU-Cedars would require you to send us the original copy of the signed supporting documents by post after we have made sure that all documents are in order.

The basic requirements include:

i. Multiple entries and cover the whole programme period, until the programme end day

ii. The duration of stay must be granted at least 60 days with multiple entries in China.

You are recommended to apply for a visa to China via your local Chinese embassy.

F visa – For those who intend to go to China for exchanges, visits, study tours and other activities. This is the most preferred option that matches the activities run by LLIC programme.

M visa – For those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities. Since our internship is unpaid, this would be the safest option, if F-visa is not an available option.

You must only obtain either F or M China visa for your internship period in China. L China visa would deny your working permit/internship in China.

You would need three important supporting documents from us:

1) Invitation letter from the company

2) Hong Kong-China air ticket

3) Hotel confirmation letter

These documents would be emailed to you. Documents, other than the aforementioned, are not of our responsibility to prepare.

The visa allows you to exit and enter China multiple times within the internship period. The 60 days are not cumulative. In other words, once you re-enter China after exiting, the duration of stay would be reset to at least 60 days. However, this China visa would expire by the end of the programme in China.

You are recommended to apply for a visa to China via the local Chinese embassy of your country of residence. You need to provide extra supporting document (proof of legal stay or residence status) upon application.

No. You are not allowed to use the same visa if you would like to extend your stay in China after the internship period. You would have to apply for a new China visa in Hong Kong if you would like to extend your stay in China.

You can re-apply for the visa after one week, until you have successfully obtained a valid F/M China visa. HKU will not bear any responsibility upon your visa application. Failure to obtain a valid F/M China visa would deny your entry into China, and thus, your offer in the LLIA2019 programme.

No, you will not be refunded the programme fee if your visa application is not successful. Visa application (except for HK student visa) is of the student’s responsibility. HKU will not bear any responsibility upon unsuccessful visa application.


The application of China visa requires the original passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity with at least 2 blank pages. Hence, you should renew your passport.


No, you do not need to purchase any insurance. Travel insurance is covered by the programme fee. However, if you intend to obtain any extra insurance, it would be on your own expense.

Accommodation & Transportation

Yes, it is your responsibility to book your own air ticket between your country and Hong Kong at your own expense. Airfare (Only include airfares to Internship City, students need to pay for their own airfares to fly to HK and return to their home countries).

The details of the air ticket between Hong Kong and country of internship will be emailed to you once you have accepted the offer letter.

There is no curfew. However, it is of the participants’ responsibility to take care of their own safety and HKU will not bear any responsibility for any unfortunate accidents.

Only shared room for two is available.

Roommate will be chosen and assigned randomly. We encourage interactions and cultural exchange between students from different countries.

Yes, WiFi is provided in every unit.


1st Application Deadline: February 28, 2019

2nd Application Deadline: March 31, 2019

*Internship placements will be offered on a rolling basis to the 1st batch, with any remaining places offered to the 2nd batch – you are therefore advised to apply as early as possible since places are limited.

If your application and interview are successful, you would receive the official letter of offer and invitation letter from the company from us in March/ April 2019. You will have to accept the offer within 5 days.

It would be mentioned in the invitation letter that is sent together with the Letter of Offer in March/ April 2019.

Allowance is not included in the programme fees.

The following items are covered by the programme fee:

  • 4-day seminar series at HKU
  • Networking events, social activities and orientation
  • Accommodation in Hong Kong and internship city
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transport between Hong Kong and internship city
  • Internship placement in Asia

Yes, accommodation fee is already included in the programme fee.

Yes, an interview session will be conducted in person or Skype with one of the Programme coordinator.

Yes, an email will be sent to notify that the application is unsuccessful.

Refer here for the list of participating companies.

The placements are all determined solely by us and are not subject to student/participant requests.

It would also be advantageous to have a cultural understanding of the clients in the location. English language is sufficient for communication.

Being part of the Summer Internship Programme, the internship is unpaid. However, some companies may opt to provide interns with daily allowances.

No, you are expected to join the entire LLIA programme. However, if you have special concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to email and inform us in advance at ugsummer@hku.hk.