LLIC 2019 Application – for HKU students

    As LLIC involves several organisations, some of the details and dates are subject to change. We will notify applicants of updated information or any changes as early as possible.

    Application Deadline (1st Batch):    February 28, 2019 (HKT 23:59)

    Application Deadline (2nd Batch):   April 10, 2019 (HKT 23:59)

    * Internship placements will be offered on a rolling basis to the 1st batch, with any remaining places offered to the 2nd batch - you are therefore advised to apply as early as possible since funded places are limited.

    - Only Permanent Residents of HKSAR with HKID card are eligible to apply for LLIC due to the funding foundation requirements.
    - However, those who are not e.g. mainland Chinese/overseas/exchange students can still apply for a very similar programme named Learn, Live & Intern in Asia (LLIA).
    - This year LLIA will also consist of 1 week training at HKU with LLIC participants & 7 weeks of Internship in Shanghai in very similar companies.
    - The main difference is there is no funding for LLIA but you are very welcome to seek other HKU funding and sponsorship from other organisations and sources.
    - Please apply separately online via the HKUSI applications system at: https://aal.hku.hk/summerinstitute/programme/llia2019/

    This system works best on Google Chrome.

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    Have you participated / Are you offered to participate in HKU Worldwide Exchange Programme?

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    Please answer the following 2 questions within the text box, keeping your answers to the limit of 500 words.

    1- Why do you want to spend this summer in China? If this is your first visit to China, please explain your reasons. If you have visited before, please explain in what context and why you would like to return?


    2- What type of qualities do you think LLIC looks for in a candidate and what qualities of yours would be an attribute to the programme?


    I have fully read and understand all of the stated Terms and Conditions of Participation prior to submitting my application. I will adhere to them if accepted to LLIC and I understand that if I do not, the LLIC Programme Committee is entitled to cash my deposit or remove me from the programme.

    Please sign by typing your Full Legal Name as shown on your HKID Card/Passport:

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