LLIC Terms and Conditions of Participation

Interns must be available for the entire duration of the programme and to start and end the programme in Hong Kong, regardless of where their internship takes place. No exceptions will be made.

Deposit: All accepted applicants are required to hand in a HKD 2000 deposit upon offer acceptance. This deposit will only be cashed if you withdraw from or have to leave the programme any time after your acceptance, if you incur any damages during the programme, or if you fail to adhere to the rules dictated in both this document and by the coordinators of LLIC. If you complete the programme without any of these issues, the deposit will be returned to you. Details about how to submit the deposit will follow after acceptance. Please note that for the majority of students, the deposit is simply a precautionary measure that ends up being a formality and that it has rarely been cashed in the past.

Travel: Students are responsible for their own visa arrangements to Hong Kong and China (if placed there for internship). LLIC has no bearing on visa results, so please consider the likelihood of your getting a visa based on your own personal history and country of origin before applying. You are responsible for purchasing your own ticket to and from Hong Kong. LLIC will pay for your flight to China, if your internship takes place there. You may or may not be responsible for booking your own ticket to China, either way LLIC coordinators will assist you with this step.

Internship: Accepted students are automatically guaranteed an internship by LLIC, but the location, the company, and the duties of the internship are all to be determined solely by the LLIC Committee, and are not subject to student requests. Students must inform programme coordinators ahead of time about any absences from work and are expected to report on time daily.

Housing: Students are expected to reside in the housing provided by HKU except for non-work nights, when they may wish to travel. Housing for non-HKU students will open just prior to the start of the course. Housing assignments require all students to have a roommate and students are expected to remain with their assigned roommates unless they are instructed otherwise or make a request to the LLIC coordinators first. After acceptance, you will receive details about the amenities included in the housing and how to check in.

Programme: LLIC expects all students to follow the rules and guidelines outlined by the programme coordinators and to communicate with them immediately should any issues arise, especially situations in which students must deviate from the normal LLIC protocol. As there are very few mandatory events and activities within the programme, we expect participants to participate in all of them and in a timely manner.

We feel it is important for students to fully understand the nature of LLIC before they decide to apply. If you are unclear about how LLIC works or would like to ask questions, please get in touch with us by email at llic@hku.hk.