Mothering China: From the Womb to the Nation

Programme Code: CCCH9054

Faculty of: Arts, School of Humanities (History)

Targeted Students: HKU Undergraduates, Non HKU Undergraduates

Area of Interest: Arts

Credits: 6

Programme Period: June 27, 2022 to July 22, 2022

Programme Schedule: Monday, Tuesday (09:30 - 12:20)

Programme Fee: HKD 17,000

Teaching Mode: Face to Face

Deadline for Application:
March 31, 2022 (for non-local students)
June 10, 2022 (for local students)

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Discount(s) on Programme Fee:
5% – Early Bird Discount (Deadline: February 28, 2022)
10% – Partner Discount

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Note to HKU Students:

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Course Description:

Why are there so many ‘Tiger Moms’ in China? Why are many Chinese women obsessed with having children, if not a male heir? How did the reforms and revolutions in China shape the notion of motherhood? What does it mean to be a mother in China today? Mothering China seeks to answer these questions from the perspectives of the state, elites, NGOs, and both women who are and are not mothers. The course explores how motherhood in China transformed from a personal experience to a national duty and the question of how national leaders and social elites constructed, sustained and altered the image of mothers between the late nineteenth century and now, a period marked by rapid sociopolitical changes in China. Through a variety of disciplinary lenses, and using dominant trends of mainland China as well as cases of mothering practices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, we will discuss a wide range of material including texts, films and adverts in order to align the changing image of Chinese mothers with the broader history of China’s twentieth-century revolutions.

Course Instructor(s):

Dr C.L. Tsang, School of Humanities (History), Faculty of Arts

Course Outline:



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