For SAP Application

If you are interested in this category, you MUST apply for HKU nomination through OISE before you can be admitted to any of these programmes. Applications for Pembroke-King’s Programme and Summer Internships with Academic Internship Council require separate application procedures.
In one application, you can be considered for more than one programme by specifying your preferences in sequence. In the event when competition is keen for a certain programme, OISE may consider your application for alternate programmes according to your programme choices. Each successful applicant will only be nominated to one SAP Programme. Online Applications are now open.
Placement and nomination are processed in two batches. Priority will be given to those who apply during the 1st batch application period.

For SAO Application

To join one of the programmes under this category, you can apply at the partner institutions directly. OISE recommends that you research thoroughly on requirements and logistics arrangement at the host institutions before you submit your application.