Rules and Regulations for Zoom Class Sessions

Rules and Regulations for Zoom Class Sessions in HKU Summer Institute:

  1. Please ensure that Zoom is accessible in your area and be punctual for the classes.
  2. You must be in a quiet environment and limit any noise distractions during live in the Zoom classroom. If you are not speaking, please make sure your microphone is muted to avoid looping echoes.
  3. You must have your webcam on to show your face clearly during live in the Zoom classroom.
  4. The audio and video material, text, images and other content of the online summer programme are properties of the University. You are not allowed to record, reproduce, or republish the video, links, login or any other content.  You are also not allowed to modify the video or any other content, including but not limited to, by adding any advertisement or other material or by interfering with the viewing of any content.  A breach of these regulations may lead to legal action.
  5. Please be respectful to others. You are solely responsible for your comments, actions, profiles and/or other content in relation to the online summer programmes, including but not limited to posting/submitting online or before, during or after live in the Zoom classroom.
  6. The University reserves the right to ask you to leave the Zoom classroom and/or terminate your student status from the programme anytime.