Selected 2019 Undergraduates/Postgraduates Summer Programmes (eligible for 10% partner discount)

For Undergraduates/Postgraduates

ACBD2019 Accounting Control and Big Data Analytics Learn More
AFRICA2019 Serve & Learn: Malawi, Africa Learn More
AICB2019 Business Management and Digital Transformation Strategy – A Data Analytics Approach Learn More
AIHP2019 Asia Immersion: HKU-PKU Summer Programme 2019 -Flipped Innovators Learn More
AIMA2019 Asia Immersion: HKU-FUDAN Kung Fu Master in Shaolin Learn More
AISR2019 Asia Immersion: The Ancient Path to Wisdom – Silk Road Learn More
AISU2019/ AISU2019R Asia Immersion: HKU-HIT Space and the Universe Learn More
AIWB2019 Asia Immersion: HKU-SJTU Holistic Well-being and Social Welfare Learn More
ARTS1010 English for Effective Communication in Business and Social Contexts Learn More
ARTS1013 Academic Writing and Critical Reading Learn More
CCST9054 War, Peace, and the Natural World Learn More
CETO2019 China’s Economic Transformation and Outreach: Implications for Global Business Learn More
CHEM3445 Integrated Laboratory Learn More
EKOL2019 Entertainment Business + KOL: A practical approach Learn More
FINE2075 Collecting and Display in Early Modern Europe 1500-1850 Learn More
FINE2090 Blockbusters, Bonanzas, and Biennales: Contemporary Art in the Global Age Learn More
FOSS4003 Hong Kong, Asia’s World City? A multidisciplinary discourse Learn More
GCIN1001 Introduction to Global Creative Industries Learn More
GCIN2003 Cultural Policy: A Complex Marriages of Business, Politics and Culture Learn More
GCIN2009 Art Worlds: Aesthetics, Money and Markets Learn More
GCIN2010 Fairs, Festivals and Competitive Events Learn More
GCIN2015 Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries Learn More
GCIN2017 Luxury Markets in East Asia Learn More
GCIN2020 New Media and Social Media Learn More
GCIN2028 Understanding Asian Cinema: History, Culture, and Industry Learn More
GCS2019 Green Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Learn More
HIST2018 Foreign Relations of China since 1949 Learn More
HIST2169 History of Love in Modern China Learn More
INTN2019 International News: What Is It, Who Produces It and How? Learn More
JMSC2002 Introduction to Video News Production Learn More
JMSC2007 Introduction to Photography Learn More
JMSC2009 Graphic Design and Visual Journalism Learn More
LABX2019 Laboratory Exchange for Undergraduate and Research Postgraduate Students Learn More
LING2001 Computational Linguistics Learn More
LING2056 Sociolinguistics Learn More
LING2064 Languages in Africa Learn More
LLIA2019 Learn, Live and Intern in Asia Learn More
MATH1011 University Mathematics I Learn More
MATH1641 Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling Learn More
MUSI1023 Materials and Structures of Music Learn More
PHIL2341 Bioethics Learn More
PHIL2355 Theories of Justice Learn More
PHYS1650 Nature of the Universe Learn More
PHYS2055 Introduction to Relativity Learn More
SBSC2019 Sex and the City: Sexual Behaviours and Sexual Citizenship Learn More