Special Announcement & 2020 Online Programmes

Dear student, 

As we continue to respond to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we regret to inform you that all our face-to-face programmes for summer 2020 will be suspended. This is a very tough decision to make as we were looking forward to meeting you in person at HKU! But as your health and safety remains our highest priority, we have decided to cancel all on-campus programmes and offer some of these courses online.

Please refer to the following list for the most updated online programmes available for summer 2020:

No. Secondary School (HS)/ Undergraduate (UG) Programmes Programme Name Start Date (DD/M/YYYY) End Date (DD/M/YYYY)
1 HS 3D Character Modelling & Visualisation 27/7/2020 31/7/2020
2 HS Contemporary Professional Accounting in Business 3/8/2020 7/8/2020
3 HS Exploring Law and Political Philosophy  13/7/2020 24/7/2020
4 HS Exploring Law and Political Philosophy in Brief I: Theories in Context  13/7/2020 17/7/2020
5 HS Exploring Law and Political Philosophy in Brief II: Applied Issues and Modern Events  20/7/2020 24/7/2020
6 HS Exploring the Medical and Health Science 10/8/2020 14/8/2020
7 HS Global Health and Development Summer Programme 2020: Walking through a global outbreak : A live simulation 20/8/2020 21/8/2020
8 HS/UG iJam Music Production 27/7/2020 31/7/2020
9 HS Introduction to Astronomy 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
10 HS Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
11 HS Medical Summer Broadening Programme 29/7/2020 4/8/2020
12 HS Rethinking Gender: A Journey Through History and Popular Culture 27/7/2020 31/7/2020
13 HS Translation for Beginners 27/7/2020 31/7/2020
14 HS University Mathematics I 29/6/2020 17/7/2020
15 HS University Physics 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
16 HS Dreamscape Design and Interaction 3/8/2020 7/8/2020
17 HS Young Business Consultancy Professional Summer Programme 27/7/2020 31/7/2020
18 HS Young Legal Professional Summer Programme 4/8/2020 7/8/2020
19 HS Young Medical and Healthcare Professional Summer Programme 20/7/2020 25/7/2020
20 HS Technologies for Sustainability and Climate Change 20/7/2020 5/8/2020
21 HS Fundamentals of Python Programming and Artificial Intelligence 27/7/2020 7/8/2020
22 HS Introduction to ABC – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing 3/8/2020 14/8/2020
23 UG Art Worlds: Aesthetics, Money and Markets 29/6/2020 17/7/2020
24 UG 3D Character Modelling & Visualisation 27/7/2020 31/7/2020
25 UG Accounting Control and Big Data Analytics 27/7/2020 7/8/2020
26 UG Brand Building and Making: A Practical Approach 27/7/2020 7/8/2020
27 UG Business Management and Digital Transformation Strategy – A Data Analytics Approach 29/6/2020 10/7/2020
28 UG China’s Economic Transformation and Outreach: Implications for Global Business 13/7/2020 24/7/2020
29 UG Entertainment Business: KOLs and Social Media Marketing Strategy 13/7/2020 24/7/2020
30 UG Fintech: AI, Blockchain, and Computational Finance  13/7/2020 24/7/2020
31 UG Green Corporate Strategy & Governance Control in East Asia 13/7/2020 24/7/2020
32 UG Introduction to Astronomy 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
33 UG Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
34 UG Modern Hong Kong 27/7/2020 7/8/2020
35 UG New Business Creation Professional Summer Programme 13/7/2020 24/7/2020
36 UG New Media and Social Media 29/6/2020 17/7/2020
37 UG Sex and the City: Sexual Behaviours and Sexual Citizenship 13/7/2020 24/7/2020
 38 UG Start a Successful Business in Creative Industries: A Practical Guide 27/7/2020 7/8/2020
39 UG Understanding Asian Cinema: History, Culture, and Industry 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
40 UG University Mathematics I 29/6/2020 17/7/2020
41 UG University Physics 13/7/2020 31/7/2020
42 UG Dreamscape Design and Interaction 3/8/2020 7/8/2020
43 UG Virtual Worlds, Real Bodies Online Course Summer 2020  20/7/2020 7/8/2020
44 UG War, Peace and the Natural World 29/6/2020 24/7/2020

Please also refer to this link for the programmes that have been suspended for summer 2020

To show our appreciation and to support your studies during this difficult time, we are offering a Special 20% Discount on most programme fees. The price will be automatically updated in the system when you accept and pay for your programmes with early bird and/or partner discount applied, where applicable. 

All online programmes will be conducted primarily via Zoom as the virtual classroom platform. Please ensure that Zoom is accessible in your area before deciding to join our online summer programmes. Details of the User Guide and Policy will be available in due course, after you have been accepted to the programme. 

If you would like to join any of the above online programmes but have not yet started the application process, please apply here.

If you submitted your application before March 31, 2020 and your chosen programme has been converted online, you will receive an offer beginning May 4, 2020. You will have the option to accept or decline our offer.

If you submitted your application before March 31, 2020 but would like to change your selection to any of the above online programmes, please feel free to email us at ugsummer@hku.hk (for undergraduate programmes) or hssummer@hku.hk (for secondary school programmes) on or before May 7, 2020. Don’t forget to quote your application number.

We’d like to remind you that there is a quota for each class, so please apply as early as you can. Please also be reminded that the application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Important dates

Offer issuance date for new applicants: From May 8, 2020

Application deadlines: Session A & B: June 15,2020

Session C & D: June 30, 2020

We look forward to meeting you online soon, and in the meantime, please keep safe and healthy.

Warmest regards,

HKU Summer Institute