Young Talents for the Global Creative Industries

This programme has been changed from face-to-face to online delivery mode.

Lecturer: Dr. Dixon Wong, Founder of the Global Creative Industries Programme, The University of Hong Kong

Teaching Assistant: Miss Lavender Lui

Course Description:

This course introduces young students to the creative industries, beginning with the emergence and nature of creative industries. It is then followed by a thorough discussion of creativity and how they can further develop their own creativity. The second half of the course focuses on the ways creativity is commercialized, marketed, branded and financed. Finally, students will be required to form a creative team to develop a business in the creative industries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will have a thorough understanding of creativity and the creative industries;
  • Students will learn how to develop their creativity;
  • Students will know how to commercialize, market, brand, and finance creative projects;
  • Students will learn how to do business in the creative industries.

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