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Undergraduate/Postgraduate Programmes
Learning Beyond the Classroom

At HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI), we take learning beyond the traditional classroom. Our initiatives create ample opportunity for students to explore their academic interests and enrich their cultural experiences.

A Bridge to the Future

HKUSI offers a range of exciting programmes that stimulate inquisitive young minds. Our unique blend of classroom instruction and experiential learning offers up intellectual challenges as well as multi-cultural interactions with peers from around the world.

Shaping the Future of Education

With our global experience and local expertise, we have the capacity to work with Mainland and overseas education institutions to design short-term programmes that incorporate personalised training and diversified development.

What We Are

The HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) was established to provide learning opportunities for secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world. Our programmes are uniquely designed to enable students to explore their academic interests and professional pathways while enjoying the summer experience of a lifetime at HKU.

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Cultural Summer Exchange 2023
A flashback of CSE Programme ・ The University of Hong Kong
What our Students say
Memorable Moments

Relive memorable moments in CSE from July 25 to Aug 4 by clicking "Read More" for a flashback!

New Media and Social Media
Marco Chan (S6) ・ Hong Kong
What our Students say
Student Sharing

This course certainly broadened my horizons, and equipped me with practical knowledge that I could use in the future.

Business Management and Digital Transformation Strategy – A Data Analytics Approach
Shirley Walmsley (Year 3 Undergraduate) ・ United Kingdom
What our Students say
Student Sharing

The Summer Institute gave me the opportunity to experience the University of Hong Kong from different and interesting perspectives. The discussions in our class were constantly intellectually stimulating.

Accounting Control and Big Data Analytics
Yu-yang Zhang (Year 4 Undergraduate) ・ Mainland China
What our Students say
Student Sharing

In the Summer Institute, we can study and discuss topics with students or graduate students from all over the world... I had students from Australia, Peru, Taiwan, and Tsinghua University in my courses. Studying with them was a totally new and unprecedented experience for me.