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Social & Cultural Activities

Welcome to the HKU Summer Institute!

In our hyper-connected world, a classroom is no longer confined by four walls, or any walls. Whenever learning takes place, that’s a classroom. We will arrange a variety of social and cultural activities that will not only feed your curious soul, but also enrich your local experience and cultivate new friendships.

Social Activities & Tours

Don't miss out to explore and experience the activities and tours which are full of Hong Kong's lifestyle!

*Available for all HKUSI students.

*Fees applied.

Dukling Journey

DUKLING not only repaints the nostalgic pictures for guests all over the world, but also recalls the local's memories of and attachment to the good old days in the port. Drifting across the harbour and this prosperous city, the antique boat DUKLING brings you travel through time, giving you feelings and romantic scene.

M+ Tour

M+ is Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture. The M+ Collections offering a creative interactive experience. We have invited professional guide to lead you to watch the exhibition and understand the M+ collections. This unique building has become a hot spot in Hong Kong recently, so don't miss it!

Hong Kong Palace Museum Tour

Hong Kong’s latest world-class cultural landmark, the Hong Kong Palace Museum, comprises nine galleries and presents over 900 priceless treasures from the Palace Museum in Beijing. A special guided tour introducing the historical artefacts and handicrafts allow you to discover the beauty of Chinese handicrafts from different perspectives.

Seafood Feast: Lamma Island

Join the Lamma Island Foodie Tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the sea on the easy-to-travel countryside; visit the Tin Hau Temple and World War II relics to explore the history and local culture; experience the life of fishermen and taste delicious seafood.

Hike to the Peak

Keep yourself active and go for a hike from HKU to the most iconic Victoria Peak with your buddies. Enjoy the world-famous cityscapes while appreciating nature and the beautiful sunset!

High Table Dinner

As a prestigious dining tradition originating from centuries-old British collegial universities, the HKU High Table Dinner is a unique opportunity for inspiring conversations and cultural exchanges! Put on the Green Gown and cheers!

Latte Art Workshop

In this latte art workshop with Eden Café, you'll learn basic coffee knowledge, latte art techniques, and some useful tips. You will also learn how to pull out cute 3D figures, such as cat, bear, etc... The instructors of the workshop are experienced teachers that can guide the beginners to quickly master the skills and pull out beautiful figures easily.

Leather Workshop

This workshop is guided by an outstanding leather craftsman in Hong Kong; He has taught many workshops organised by famous international brands. He gains inspiration from daily life and integrates the characteristics of Hong Kong local cultural into traditional craftsmanship, hoping to promote and spread the exquisite craftsmanship from Hong Kong.

Dim Sum Candle Workshop

Who said exquisite Dim Sum is only for your tummy? As food is the mainstay of people's lives, shrimp dumplings and siu mai are indispensable part of tea culture and people’s favourite. In support of local culture, the instructor leads students to create dim sum candles in a systematic way, students can take the "delicious food" home and enjoy it for long!

Henna Tattoo Workshop

Hong Kong has always promoted respect for multiculturalism and racial integration. Students can learn the traditional crafts and arts of different countries by participating in the ethnic minority art workshop. Through this opportunity students may interact with ethnic minorities and understand other cultures better, and learn to respect the uniqueness and differences between different ethnic groups.

Cultural Exchange Activities & Workshops

Get inspired! Join our workshops to gain insight and enjoy the cultural exchange in Summer!

*Available for all HKUSI students.

*Fees applied.


  1. Activities are available for selected programmes.
  2. Enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis and has a limited quota.
  3. Particular terms and conditions apply to each activity/workshop, please refer to the respective activity/workshop description on the Online Reservation Platform.
  4. Students are required to check their course schedule to avoid any clash when applying for an activity/workshop.
  5. For details of terms and conditions, please refer to the Online Reservation Platform.
  6. Announcement will be made once the Online Reservation Platform is open for activity/workshop booking.
  7. All activity/workshop fees are non-refundable.
  8. HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) reserves the right to alter and/or cancel any activity/workshop without prior notice.
  9. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) shall be final.